Thanksgiving Attitude & Attire

If you told me a year ago that I would soon be spending my days watching the children grow and sewing their wardrobes in off hours I would have ignored you. I would have solemnly gone off on my own and grieved for a normal I might not know again. My perspective has been altered forever having almost lost my daughter as a baby. The word grateful has grown some very deep roots in my understanding; I cannot even think of wishes for the birthday candles anymore because the most important wish of my life has already been given.

Reflection always seems to creep up on us this time of year and this time it is a big one for myself. I have also promised that I would not constantly bring up hard times to strangers, but it does happen. So with a very thankful heart I put Lillian’s Thanksgiving outfit together.

I bought two patterns from a store and found them very exciting. (Yes sewing can be exciting!) The dress I followed directions exactly and finished in a day or two. The jacket, however, was a mind bender. I changed everything and had to really think all the steps out, but it is fabulous! An incredibly warm, quilted coat, lets get on with the pictures:


    It’s all about the details, am I right! I added piping to the collar in the red fabric as well as using it in the cross decoration. I think it accents lovely. The jacket was originally a short sleeved, one layer, long coat. I hacked this pattern up….Shortening the overall length and curving the two front panels up to show more of the dress underneath. The sleeves were lengthened and I quilted with cotton batting and a blue material I had on hand (confession, the blue is an old bed sheet). I was inventing my way through this project and I’m super proud. My favorite thing is the stitch-less appearing seam, from quilted blue to red lining, by hand sewing an invisible stitch. I ran into many problems, namely I hadn’t considered how to attach the batting to the top layer of coat…several hours later I had hand stitched everything in place. The punch those brass buttons bring is the last great touch.

Well that is my current completed project. I’m repeating myself here, but it truly is the perfect time to enjoy indoor projects and reflect on all the good that is in our lives. I would love to hear of any your projects, attitudes, or thoughts.



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