What better time of year to feel the slow pull of transition in our lives than in the fall. Life plans are put on hold while other, more festive, plans take their place setting the pace for the next several months. On a personal level I’m relieved to have halted our relocation ideas for the winter, giving our family a chance to unwind from big ambition and now I find myself fully immersed with the idea of family feasts and making warm comfy clothes, blankets & homemade presents. I am also very excited to continue pattern making; I’m looking forward to diving into boy’s clothes and have future plans sprawled out on my work table!

As for actual tangible projects:

I finished my first quilt; it is so warm and has already been used almost every night in our family room. Dylan is here showing it off, although it is rather a busy design, it’s what fabric I had laying around.


I also finished off Kids Clothes Week with a pair of PJ’s for my son (which will be lasting several years given the amount of extra hem I used).

Boy it almost looks like I have a pumpkin for a son! He loves his cozy flannel jammies. They were self drafted, and of course I had cut everything before accurately measuring Dylan so even the neckline had to be pulled in a few inches. The baby is also scheduled to have new PJ’s so that everything is even.

I hope you are also feeling the pull of creativity and savoring the slower pace.


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