Winter Puddleduck

Here we are in the middle of October and boy are we feeling the chill in the air. I recently found the great community of Kids Clothes Week, in which everyone sews during the same week, and I had fun pairing Lilly’s outfit to a favorite storybook. We found Jemima Puddleduck in the bookshelf and easily put together an outfit. I call it Winter Puddleduck and we reversed the colors for fun (ok really because it is what we had). A bonnet was switched out for a pixie hat.

And of course hat was too small, so I pursued two more hats in hope that something would fit her wide head. And presto, the last two were both winners. ‘Room to grow’ is probably my favorite motto.

Here she is modeling the dress Apple Jumper, I invite you to try it out for free!! And now we are all set for Rain or Shine.

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