Grading, Drafting, Designing, Oh My

I have spent a week or so knee deep in reading and researching all things pattern design. From making measurement charts to grading patterns and to making my very own pattern blocks.

My brain is full from all the information, but already I can see the impact it will have on my drafts and clothes. All this hard work is getting me excited as I place more and more books in the finished pile. All I can say is thank goodness for libraries and internet!

Things I’ve learned:

Pattern Making is infinitely simpler when starting with a block. No more endless holding patterns up to a wiggling baby! No more guessing!

Sizing Charts are not as standardized as I had anticipated. The ASTM for purchase is not very popular and may not be current. Most companies have refined their own based on specific demographic. I will just have to make my own (can sneak a peek at mine which is from several charts, including CDC 2010 charts, and my own kids).

Grading – the process of sizing clothes up or down. Grading seems to be reversed in children’s clothing; a normal adult can shift easily from weight loss to weight gain without much height added (obviously). Children, however, do grow in height even more quickly than growth in width. So I have adjusted the grade rules using a Double Grade in garment lengths (instead of the Half grade for adult sizing). In my limited testing, this seems to have done the trick perfectly.


That is all for now, thanks for taking a look.


My primitive chart:


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