Celebrations and Flags

We have been busy with a beautiful summer wedding in the family. The couple had a sweet little ceremony with all their best friends and family. I was able to help with a few of the decorations as well as make a cool cotton party dress for the baby.

Needless to say my sewing machine had its work cut out for it last week. We were able to make about 100 feet of flags in salmon, cream & mint (apparently this is not really mint, but hey I did my best). These flags were so straight forward I had no problems getting them together. They are about 8 inches wide at the top.

The dress is all cotton and loose. I decided to make it a reversible half way through making it and I wasn’t able to do a traditional button back as I had anticipated so the fit is quite a bit larger than I had originally wanted. We will just say there is lots of room to grow.

The colors were perfect for her and all the material was from my sewing cabinet. I added lace to cover the thick band where the skirt and bodice meet. I started out with the pattern from Butterick 3782, but quickly changed directions in the construction (predominately making it reversible and changing the bodice closure).

Overall I love it and I’m glad I had held onto these beautiful fabrics for this project.

Thanks for taking a look!


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