Short Pants — With Cuff

I have been thinking of this pair of pants for a while and I’m so happy it came together so easily. These pants are part of the Kids Clothes Week, Day 4, and I think they turned out splendid; exactly what I was hoping for to take my boy through summer into fall.



Who doesn’t love short pants on little boys, I know I do and I’m trying to bring them back!

These have a built in cuff with plaid accents. I made them for a size 4 but they may actually be closer to a 5. Materials were a lightweight denim and medium weight cotton for trim.

I found a nice tutorial to follow at Schwin and Schwin, but changed quite a bit. I only used a few pockets and shortened the pants. It was really helpful except that I cut out my template a little odd and had to butcher the top and bottom seam to get the crotch seam to line up. Not sure why that always happens.

One of my favorite parts of a sewing project are lining out details like pockets. And I’m particularly proud of this faux zipper.

Parts of this project were hard for me and pushed me past my boundaries (even though it is still an elastic waist), but it was so quick and I’m glad I did it. Sewing for boys can be fun too.

But Most Importantly – they seem to be comfortable and passed the 10 minute boy test. Good thing I reinforced everything!


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