Surf & Sand

I made this sweet little thing for an auction in our Beach Family Reunion that we have coming up in a few days. The soft green just reminds me of sea foam on a calm summer day. The pattern I used is one of my own, my favorite for its simple lines in everyday use. I like the finished product well enough, however now I see that it really could have used some lace or other frilly trim.


This little detail I found instructions for online; a circle cut out with the four sides folded in twice (scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom). The only difference is that I sewed it all together instead of glue so that it can be washed and to be sure small interested fingers could not pull it off. It gives a nice casual beach combing feel.

I made this in size 18 months by expanding the pattern a little. I still have some bugs to work out before releasing this pattern in the fall. Since I am just starting out I’ll be offering the pattern for free for a while. If you don’t want to wait it is also easy enough to trace a good fitting shirt (minus the sleeves) and just continue the A Line down to knee length. This dress looks nice without sleeves as well.



After cutting out the pattern (notice I changed the sleeves to matching later on), pin the back and front together at the shoulders, right sides together. Sew at shoulders. Finish with zig-zag stitch, pinking shears, or serge. (I find zig-zag and cutting with shears keeps things from fraying). Next pin the sleeves. Sew twice to ensure strength.


The next step is a must in my world of sewing children’s garments, hem the arms now while they are easy to get to. The correct way is to wait until the sleeves are done, but I have almost sewing my fingers too many times, and trust me when I say the kids don’t care.


From here I sew up the side seams and use bias tape to cover the neckline and both back pieces.

Snaps are my favorite; however buttons and even ties will work too. I seem to prefer a 2 ½ inch space between clasps. Embellish as the dress needs.

I hope someone at the reunion likes it enough to take it home.

Thanks for looking in!!!


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