Out with the New, In With the Old

If there is one thing I always put off doing it’s mending…

And having married a handsome Welsh man, it seems I may have a lifetime of hemming ahead of me. I found a familiar pair of jeans at the top of my pile this morning and after promising to hem them some months back, it looked like there was no more putting it off. My little singer is not up to the task of sewing through 7 layers of heavy denim, so it was time to switch out with a newly acquired machine that I’ve been too intimidated to try out. My Mom found it at a flea market and seems to be utterly unused even though it is clearly from the 80’s. It came with original needles, spools, and hand tools; perhaps it was sitting in a time vault. I cannot deny how heavy duty this machine is and the clunk, clunk, clunk as it sews is oddly soothing.


With instruction booklet close by I tested it out. Apparently the Necchi is not up to the task of hemming jeans either…


I could only stitch the flat surfaces; but I’m not surprised because I could barely handsew the remaining gaps. I’m kind of excited to see how it does on a real garment, I think I may leave it out for a while.


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