VEST (Very Exacerbating….SomeTimes)

I recall making my son a vest a few months back, and apparently I had forgotten the mess I created trying to sew up the sleeves. So when I attempted to make a baby vest, with oh-so-small areas to work with, I almost gave up on the project. This is not a tutorial because I took the darn thing apart so many times…there is no way I would want to guide anyone through that.

In the end it took me 2 days to make and with a few hours of hand stitching, I think it came out pretty darn cute; very “Woodsman”. In fact it is looks perfect for an upcoming reunion auction.

My lessons were:

Don’t throw things out; it might turn around in the next few steps.

Sew armholes before turning right side out while leaving side seams open.


So the only thing left to do now is make many more vests until I have it hammered out. I’m planning another vest project in the next week or so and that will be a tutorial because I feel more confident. It seems like there a few different ways to go about this project…


I had a fast moving model this morning, but she illustrates how small the Woodsman Vest is.


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