The Roomy Pants — Baby Pants for Cloth Diapers


The Roomy Pants — A pair that finally fit over cloth diapers

This is a tutorial on how I made a pair of REALLY ROOMY baby pants.

Ok, Lets get started!

My daughter is 10 months old and almost crawling so I needed pants that covers that giant diaper (regardless of how much I stuff in there) and there is still enough room to do all her baby yoga moves. Again I’ll say these are really roomy and should last her well over a year and come up mid tummy.

Gather your materials. I think it’s about ½ yard needed for this project and there are only 3 pieces to cut.

2 legs measuring 13 x 17 inches

1 middle measuring 6 x 26


There was a strong urge for me to cut the pieces down, but I resisted and it turned out fine.

Everything gets folded and stacked on top of each other,(fold legs hot dog style & middle hamburger style) with the middle on top. The pieces are similar in width. Where the middle piece ends will be the crotch of the pants (leaving a huge body area). I wanted a little shape to the legs (but not too much or it restricts baby legs) so I drew a curve to be cut away; about an inch wide.

Next pin the inseam, the bottom of the pants where we just cut away, and sew each leg piece separately, right sides together. Then finish the seam. I find a zig zag stich and cutting with pinking shears keeps things together, but any method will work. The last picture in the sequence is pinning the middle strip to one of the leg openings. Please keep right sides together (in this material there is no right side, but most fabrics do).

When laid out you should have something like this. Turn the single leg piece right side out and insert it in order to pin the middle to the other leg opening. Keep right sides together. Sew it up.


And now at this point it should be looking more like pants…however they are very large pants! I was so unsure that I had to hold up normal pants just to reassure myself! So I just did a larger than normal hem, about 2 ½ inches in total. That helped.

Hem the legs. Hem the waistband, leaving a small opening about 1 inch wide to allow elastic.

Insert the elastic, and then sew it together. Finally close the gap.


And We’re Done.

Match with a cute top.





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